I offer content marketing services for every stage of the sales funnel!

As you know, establishing a funnel that guides prospects through the buyer journey is the key to success in digital marketing. You also know that there are a lot of digital strategies you can use to make that funnel effective. But simply using those strategies for the sake of checking them off a list of marketing to-dos is not enough. All of the strategies you use in marketing should support some stage of the funnel.

Let’s break it down…

The Awareness Stage is all about generating that buzz. You need people to know about your business and the knowledge you have to share. Strategies like blogging, influencer marketing, landing pages, and pages on your website help support this process. Ultimately, you want these strategies to help you generate leads.

The Consideration & Decision Stage is a critical part of the funnel where you want to turn leads into conversions. The strategies I offer at this stage include email automation campaigns and regular email marketing, social media management, blogging, and your website. Your copy needs to connect with leads in a way that motivates them to take action.

The Engagement Stage is often neglected because many businesses aren’t concerned about connecting with their customers after the sale. But 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. To stay connected with your customers, I offer email marketing and social media management services.


Sometimes a one-and-done content project arises and you don’t want to spend time finding a writer who will produce quality work without buying into a package of other services you don’t need. I offer one-off content writing services that support your digital marketing efforts.

Website Copy

  • You have about 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell visitors what they’ll get from your website. After that, and even before that, they decide to stay or go. I want to make sure that your content is compelling enough to get your target visitors to stick around and take some action on your site.
  • This includes:
  • • Home Page – This will act as the gateway to your business, or the cover to your story. It’s a glimpse at what you do— the value you provide.
  • • About Me/Us Page – This tells your story, how it connects to the business, and why it makes you uniquely good at what you do or provide.
  • • Services/Products Page – This page breaks down what you do and why visitors in the consideration stage should choose you
  • • Contact Page – This page may seem trivial but, in fact, 51% of people think “thorough contact information” is the most important element missing from many company websites (KoMarketing).
Ready for Some Website Copy Help

Landing Page Copy

  • The landing page generally has one purpose only: getting leads. Unlike the ambiguous and difficult-to-measure benefits of most of your web pages, a landing page is a definitive bridge between you and an online prospect. It’s where a prospect will trade their contact information for something of value to them, as long as the content on that page makes it seem worthwhile.
  • Landing pages have copy that convinces prospects that they should buy into something specific. This content is carefully crafted with the objective of generating leads in mind.
  • To see your leads off to their journey to conversion, you need to have content that proves what they’re about to get from you is worth giving away their personal information to you. I write content that does just that for you.
Let's Make That Landing Page Happen!

One Blog

  • Being successful in your industry means being perceived as credible by the people you care about most. Your audience wants to know what you can provide to them through engaging and unique content.
  • With my keen ability to write in any brand voice paired with my varied experience in content marketing management, I curate content that gets results. Leave it to me to create value that your audience will engage with.
  • Maybe you don’t want to pay for a writer to regularly contribute to your blog— that’s okay. When one piece of content is all you need, I’ve got you covered.
  • Each blog piece I write is well-researched, includes royalty-free imagery, and SEO. If you want the piece ghostwritten, you have the option of an interview with me which I will craft into an article by you.
One Blog, Please!

Email Automation Campaign

  • Did you know that even in the age of social media, email is still the most popular form of digital communication?  In fact, email use worldwide is predicted to top 3 billion users by the year 2020 (The Radica). This is why email automation campaigns are so effective in getting conversions— that is, as long as you have content that’s compelling.
  • I create a series consisting of three to four nurturing emails followed by two to three call-to-action emails that direct your lead into buying. You provide me with the call-to-action, and I will craft the copy around it.
Let's Sell through Email!

Lead Magnet Copy

If you’re going to make revenue, you need leads. When you’re strategic about the value you offer to your buyer persona, you establish yourself as a resource in the industry. The content here is key to your ROI.

I create lead magnets with content that converts. Sometimes all you need is a short and concise piece of content to generate leads.


  • Here are some shorter lead magnets I offer:
  • • Cheat sheet
  • • Quiz
  • • Test/Assessment
  • • Checklist


  • Some audiences respond better to more detailed lead magnets. That’s why I offer longer, more informative pieces of content that your leads find valuable.
  • I offer:
  • • White Paper
  • • Guide/Report

Ongoing Packages

If you’re looking for ongoing assistance for your digital marketing needs, I offer packages that support your digital marketing on a monthly basis.

Blogging Packages

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less (HubSpot). Maybe you have a solid content strategy, but you need a reliable executor to generate the quality work you need. Hiring my writing services on retainer guarantees you with weekly article(s) that include:

• Research

• Optional interview(s) by me to create content in your voice

• Images


• Up to 2 revisions/edits



  • • Research
  • • Optional interview(s) by me to create content in your voice
  • • Images
  • • SEO
  • • Up to 2 revisions/edits
  • • 1 article per week 


  • • Research
  • • Optional interview(s) by me to create content in your voice
  • • Images
  • • SEO
  • • Up to 2 revisions/edits
  • • 2 articles per week


  • • Research
  • • Optional interview(s) by me to create content in your voice
  • • Images
  • • SEO
  • • Up to 2 revisions/edits
  • • 3 articles per week

Social Media Management Packages

You may understand the importance of a social media presence for your business, but between the day-to-day tasks and business development, you don’t have much time to manage your social media.
After all, social media is not just about being able to produce content in order to check a box on a digital marketing checklist. You need to be engaging with your online community to optimize the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

I make it easy on you by taking your social strategy and providing all the services to execute wrapped up in all-inclusive packages.

All packages include:

• Image Creation

• Caption Creation

• Scheduling and Posting

• Tackling growth by monitoring analytics

• Community engagement



  • • Image Creation
  • • Caption Creation
  • • Scheduling and Posting
  • • Tackling growth by monitoring analytics
  • • Community engagement
  • 2 Platforms (or 2 Accounts)


  • • Image Creation
  • • Caption Creation
  • • Scheduling and Posting
  • • Tackling growth by monitoring analytics
  • • Community engagement
  • • 3 Platforms (or 3 Accounts)


  • • Image Creation
  • • Caption Creation
  • • Scheduling and Posting
  • • Tackling growth by monitoring analytics
  • • Community engagement
  • • Up to 3 platforms (or 4 accounts)

Email Marketing

  • You know that having email touchpoints is an important method of connecting with your community, whether they’re leads or customers/clients. 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly (Statista, 2015). It can be difficult to carve out the time to a commitment to writing regular emails to your audience.
  • Choose from 2-6 emails a month depending on length, structure, and complexity. All emails feature:
  • • Attention-grabbing subject lines
  • • Copy that nurtures, converts, and retains
  • • Scheduling
Let's Talk About The Emails

Influencer Marketing

  • As the digital marketplace becomes noisier and crowded with advertising, consumers become less motivated to buy. That’s why having access to voices that already have credibility with your audience is key.
  • When influencers vouch for your business, they cut through the noise and help you gain the trust of your target market. When you think “influencer” you may think of a celebrity, but an influencer can really be anyone with a substantial audience— from an author to a podcaster. But how do you go about getting influencers to promote your business?
  • I help you create and maintain relationships with people who are influential in your industry and reach new communities with your content through these relationships.
  • When you hire me for influencer marketing services, I include:
  • • Influencer research
  • • A list of influencers and their contact information
  • • Outreach via email and/or social media
  • • Negotiating with influencers about advertising or cross-promotion
  • • Optional creation of content for influencers
Help Me Build Business Relationships!

I got my start in marketing as a freelance writer, and as I started taking on project management roles, I was always on the lookout for writers who were better than myself–and that’s Anya. I hired Anya as a content creator for our marketing firm, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality of her work and her dedication to it. From blogs to social media, to sales pages, to ad copy, everything she produces is gold. She’s highly skilled, and she’ll continue to be my go-to content development specialist for anything and everything that requires the written word to connect people to businesses.

Shauna Armitage

CMO, Making Moxie

Anya is a great thinker. I can’t say that about everyone I work with. Her skill for creatively assessing a client’s needs is strong. She can look at the deep issues a customer needs to plow through and make sense of what they really need. This is NOT an easy task. Some people can’t even do it for their own company, Anya can do it for different clients and can to do it well.

In a world where anyone can fluff up a campaign, Anya’s experience with my clients is that she can see the world through their eyes, and more importantly their customers’ eyes, and create a program and a strategy that can work for their individual needs.
We’ve worked with Anya on several different projects, her professional manner, her skills, and her strategy all work well. She is an asset you certainly want on your team.
Gabe Steinbach

Principal, Windmill Hill Consulting