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Hi, I’m Anya. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m a writer, a marketer, and an activist who loves to connect with and advocate for people with great ideas. Through my craft, I help others effectively share their ideas through content that resonates with the right people. I run my own business providing content marketing to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and influencers.

Unlike typical midwestern Americans, I grew up as a Humanist. I attended the Ethical Society of St. Louis every Sunday as a child and into my teenagehood. As an adult, I am active in Humanist communities internationally and vocally advocate for human rights, science and reason, and social justice. My Humanist values are at the core of the work that I do, no matter the message.

My mission is to empower others to affect change by using my voice through writing and speaking.

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I had the opportunity to meet with Anya on March 19, 2018. On April 21, 2018, she wrote my first piece of content and on May 30, 2018, I shared Zero To 100™ with her to see if she would be the content writer. Anya has shown me the power of a content writer and I’m so grateful that we met. If you are a business owner that truly cares about providing value to your customers, I would STRONGLY advise you get a content writer–– like, yesterday. It will totally make a difference in your business.
— Joseph Luckett, Zero to 100™

Let’s be real–– what you say matters. That’s why for four years, I have helped businesses, organizations, and influencers connect with their target audiences through content creation, content marketing, social media management, and a variety of other digital marketing tactics. I have been solo running my own content creation business since July 2017.

I’ve been called a “chameleon writer” who can blend into your voice and write it for you. I take pride in my ninja-like ability to write for people whose voices are nothing like mine, and to be able to translate a person’s intention into words that others can resonate with. Through my freelance services, I bring a human element to your brand that creatively connects with your people.

When I’m not running my own business, I’m helping grow my Uncle’s St. Louis-based gymnastics business–– Olympia Gymnastics. I helped build the newest gym location from the ground up (literally!) and support its startup goals as the Marketing Director. I also teach gymnastics, tumbling, and occasionally, some ninja classes!

My Humanist activism and community-driven passions lead me all over the world and as a result, I’m involved with a number of organizations worldwide. My voice and my work (which I consider one and the same) have been featured across several corners of the internet.

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…who wants to connect with people using your voice and a message that resonates, we might just be a good fit to work together! Check out my projects and portfolio for some samples of what I provide my clients.


Anya is a great thinker. I can’t say that about everyone I work with. Her skill for creatively assessing a client’s needs is strong. She can look at the deep issues a customer needs to plow through and make sense of what they really need. This is NOT an easy task. Some people can’t even do it for their own company, Anya can do it for different clients and can to do it well.

In a world where anyone can fluff up a campaign, Anya’s experience with my clients is that she can see the world through their eyes, and more importantly their customers’ eyes, and create a program and a strategy that can work for their individual needs. We’ve worked with Anya on several different projects, her professional manner, her skills, and her strategy all work well. She is an asset you certainly want on your team.
— Gabe Steinbach, Principal of Windmill Hill Consulting
I got my start in marketing as a freelance writer, and as I started taking on project management roles, I was always on the lookout for writers who were better than myself–and that’s Anya. I hired Anya as a content creator for our marketing firm, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality of her work and her dedication to it. From blogs to social media, to sales pages, to ad copy, everything she produces is gold. She’s highly skilled, and she’ll continue to be my go-to content development specialist for anything and everything that requires the written word to connect people to businesses.
— Shauna Armitage, CMO of Making Moxie
Anya Overmann is a gifted writer who has been a tremendous help to our organization. She is a skilled copywriter, effectively communicating to our audience of both women and men around the world. In addition to her writing skills, Anya is reliable, efficient, and responsive. She has been a delight to work with, and she continuously blows us away with the quality of her work.
— Jennifer & Justin Camp, Co-Executives of Gather Ministries
I met Anya via a Marketing group we were a part of and I called upon her expertise to help bring out the writer in me. After meeting up with Anya, she gave me an insight to the ranges of articles I could write, how I should construct them and the word count I should be aiming for. Since then, I have been using these points, along with a writing method she felt was appropriate for me, to compose valuable articles to my target audience. Anya has been incredibly supportive since and I cannot thank her enough for sharing her knowledge with me.
— Andy Singh, Owner of Build Me a Business



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