7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Writer

Businesses don’t as often consider why they might need to hire a writer as, say, a book author considers hiring a ghostwriter. But the same reasons why you’d get a professional writer to write a book are the reasons why you’d hire a professional writer to write for your business. You’re trying to create something of value that people want to pay you for.

Books, blog articles, ebooks, marketing emails, social media posts, lead magnets, landing pages, ad copy, white papers– these are all tasks a writer can handle for your business. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Your Story Matters

If there’s anything Trump’s election has taught us, it’s that stories travel faster than facts. People are far more likely to make decisions based on feelings, and if you can deliver a message in just the right narrative– like Trump did in the 2016 election –you can appeal to your audience at a deeper level. If you want to win over your market, tell them a story they can connect with.

To be clear, I’m not condoning a flippant disregard for facts. On the contrary, I’m advocating for being more creative in the way we share facts — embedded in narratives that the audience resonates with. That’s a big task, and that’s why it’s best left to the professionals.

2. You Might Be In Too Deep

Even if you have writing ability, there are times you can be too close to a topic to be able to write about it for your audience. Sure, you can probably write well about a topic you’ve mastered for yourself– but how easily can the layperson understand and consume it?

I once had to rewrite had an article that gutted by my good friend and growth strategy consultant Shauna Armitage. It was all about growing social media accounts on no budget using my experience with Young Humanists International as a case study. But it had too many needless and irrelevant details and not enough value to captivate readers.

Hiring another writer can make your content consumable to the right people. We can craft your content specifically for your audience. At the very least, you should have another writer edit your work so you know if you’re an appropriate distance from the subject matter.

3. Writers Are Huge Timesavers and Brainsavers

Writing takes a lot of time. If you’re busy running a business, writing can take a significant amount of your time — time that you should be using to build your business. Creating consistent and engaging content, or one really stellar book of content is a serious time investment.

It’s also a serious brain investment. Writing content that’s quality, valuable, understandable, relatable, relevant, consumable– that’s a lot of marks to hit.

Remember those writers rubrics you had to follow in school for writing papers? I lived for those. If those stressed you out, I strongly suggest a writer save you from that headache.

4. Your Brain is Faster Than Your Fingers

Sometimes you’re brimming with great ideas for content but your brain is moving so fast that you can’t capture your thoughts clearly and concisely with the written word.

I’ve had clients who have attempted to write articles but they think quicker than their fingers can type, so the words come out jumbled, thoughts are incomplete, and the ideas aren’t fully developed.

Many “big idea people” are like this. They have fantastic thoughts that they’re excited to share with the world but they’re excitement also makes it difficult for them to slow down and consider how best to communicate their ideas.

A writer like myself can come in and allow that person to brain dump– getting all their ideas out –then I can craft their words into a clear and consumable message.

5. Writers Know the Right Questions to Ask

A good writer can make any subject matter compelling. Part of good writing is knowing what questions to ask to extract the best content. These enquiries are key to creating original and exciting content every time.

You know that feeling you get when someone asks you a good question? It’s a question that makes you pause because it shows that the person who asked understands so well what you’re saying that they’re helping you more deeply reflect on the subject matter.

A good writer gives you that feeling. And if Google and books had feelings, writers would give them that feeling too because they’re good at research and finding answers.

6. Perfect Grammar

Good writers and editors have a compulsive scrutiny of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is important to consider if you’re not a strong writer. Not only is it important for your credibility as a business or an author, but it’s important for Google and your SEO.

I inherited my compulsive grammar obsession from my mother who is also an editor and technical writer. Being meticulous with language is both a blessing and a curse, but it is indeed an asset to business.

7. Get Results

Professional writers are great at bringing in traffic and increasing your opportunity to make sales. Whether you’re trying to get results online, in person, on video, over the phone, or through a piece of content, it can be hard to do on your own. Writers are here to help you get results.


Get a writer if you want your story and your value to be communicated in a meaningful and consumable way.

BTW, I offer all of the services mentioned in this piece. If you’re interested in a quote on a writing project, give me a shout.